Born in Naples Long Beach, California in 1949, Eddie Montana felt the music in his soul.  To project that uplifting energy he began to sing and perform with musical instruments at the early age of 10.  His grandfather, Jacob Sherlock was a violinist and Luthier.  His Mother and her sisters were singers and musicians, known as the "Sherlock Sisters".  With this family background of professional musicians and performers, he was right at home.


In 1963 he played his first gig for three dollars and “all the soda pop you could drink” with the surf band, The Charvets.  This stimulated Eddie to study music and write songs.  He learned the difference between machine and handmade instruments.  His innate attraction to musical instruments spawned his curiosity to study, take apart and examine the construction, history, vibrations, and artistic endeavors to the creation of instruments.  His appreciation for such craftsmanship has made him an avid collector.

As a young musician, Eddie toured the Midwest playing folk music at festivals and coffee shops.  Learning early on, those inspired to share the gift of music, must have a “day job” to survive.  He spent several years working for a Title insurance company, but left corporate America in the mid ‘70s to dedicate him self to teaching music, collecting musical instruments and doing want he wanted to do most, perform.  For the next 35 years, he did just that at clubs and concert venues throughout Southern California with The Bright Moments Band,  The Eddie Montana Band. Justus and the Montanas, Eddie and the Sandsharks. 


In the early ‘90s, he started his own entertainment-consulting agency and in 1992 and 1993 he produced the Huntington Beach Pierfest, with over one million in attendance.  Still, he wanted to make a significant contribution to the music community.  His love for collecting instruments, music memorabilia and skill as a Luthier, prompted Eddie to open a music store in Huntington Beach and "Montana & Lace” became a sought out resource for local musicians and music lovers.  It was there he built custom guitars, repaired musical instruments and produced concerts with some of the best local bands. 


In 2000 he opened “Liv’n It Up” in quaint old town Seal Beach, California.   In 2004, the shop received an extreme makeover and is was known as "Seal Beach Music" a wonderful house of musical opportunities to assist and inspire aspiring musicians of all ages. Seal Beach music closed in 2012. Eddie now teaches private lessons, and performs.and has produced 12 Cds self published.

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